New Gloves

rw605 swordsman's armour gloves md.jpg

Hear ye! Hear ye! 

The kingdom's glove-maker has been declared missing presumed drunk. This has led to the supply of gloves being sorely low in the past few months. The knights have been complaining of frostbite during their brave adventures into foreign lands. Even the squires have found they almost have to work in order to stay warm.

Thankfully Lord Colin has found a new supplier for gloves in a foreign land far across the sea and his clever negotiators have secured for us a new supply of gloves. After a perilous sea journey the first shipment has arrived.

When asked about these new gloves Knight Sophie was full of praise for the improved quality and durability of these new gloves. "My pretty little fingers are much more protected than they ever were before" she was heard to say.

The Castle treasurer has warned that these new gloves are a bit dearer than before but the quality is far improved and supply will be a lot better than before. 

Please speak to Quartermaster Amanda for your requirements.
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