New Stock has Arrived


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Lord Colin has acquired several new items to bolster the armory.

Knights, Lords and ladies are invited to browse these high-quality goods and consult Quartermaster Amanda regarding any additions you require.

Brand new, never before seen in the kingdom. we bring you:
Gladiator Shoulder Guard
The Dory Greek Spear Parts
Gladiator Trident
Cross Pommel Medieval Dagger
Sica Sword
Gladiator Dolch
Gladiator Thraex Helmet

Lord Colin has also acquired new stocks of:
Black Gambeson
Medieval Shirt - Red
15th C Arm Protection - 18g
15th C Leg Protection - 18g
Viking Axe, Etched
Perrins Axe
Sgain Dubh - Flat
Guingate Dagger
Swept Hilt Dagger
Viking Seax
Napoleonic Briquet Short Sword
Roman Gladius
Seax of Beagnoth
Crusader Sword
Five Lobe Viking Sword
Thracian Helmet
Beowulf Helmet - 18g

Please form an orderly line at the armory door. Any delinquents will be cordially invited visit the torture chamber instead.