Wearable Medieval Armour

Whether you require a full medieval armour or want to replace a protective item before your next event, we have an extensive range of products. Our online store and Brisbane showroom make it easy for you to source medieval armour in Australia as we are the leading distributor of authentically crafted historical replica products such as swords, robes, helmets, shields and more. We have Viking armour for sale, perfect to go with specific weapons such as Viking spears, axes or swords. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Suit of Armour for Sale in Australia

Consider these tips below before you purchase your medieval armour from our shop to ensure you get more value out of your suit. Localise a time and place: Just as current fashion changes from one decade to another, so did the trend of armour. To create a cohesive impression with your armour, select a region or time period that interests you and avoid the mistake of grouping all the Middle ages together. Period artwork is a helpful resource to get an idea of what there is and can help you get a general idea for the aesthetics and style of armour at certain times. Get specific: Once you have a general idea of the style of armour you desire, you can then look at specific detail that goes into creating the completed look. You can narrow your time period to 15 to 20 years and select a particular region of armour design to help complete your coherent kit. A specific effigy is an ideal guideline for modelling your suit. Source your undergarments first: While you may now be very excited and want to purchase your suit of armour, ensure that you have arming garments in place first. These clothing items will mean that you can measure more accurately for a well-fitted suit and avoid the disappointment of spending money on armour that doesn’t fit. Also, make sure you select arming garments that are appropriate for your chosen time period, such as a belt and frog for storing your sword or dagger.

Why Trust Esford Armoury Regarding Medieval Armour for Sale?

We are Australia’s leading supplier of Medieval products and provide:

  • Experience and knowledge: Our products are selected with our extensive knowledge of historical time periods. We freely share our knowledge and help our customers match weapons with costumes for an authentic look. 

  • Customer guarantee: We provide products that use traditional designs yet are manufactured using modern material to ensure longevity. However, if something should happen to your product and you are not completely happy, we can refund or replace. 

  • Authentically crafted items: Our company is known for its commitment to accurately designed swords, shields, daggers, helmets, armour and various other items that span many eras. Some of our authentically crafted items from one of our suppliers are handmade using traditional skills which only adds to the genuine look of the products.

Why Should You Use Esford Armoury?

Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in the history of every product we supply, including the appropriate weapons to go with your costume. We have been operating for more than two decades and frequently visit various Re-enactors Events & Shows around Australia where we share our knowledge and even replace items that have become damaged. Our commitment to offering quality and historically accurate products ensures that your weapon or costume is sure to last. If not, then we guarantee to refund or replace your item. Contact us today for authentically crafted pieces that will have you looking the part at your next event.