Build Your Collection with Quality Medieval Knives for Sale

From collectors to re-enactment societies, anyone in the market for high-quality medieval knives for sale need look no further than Esford Armour. We adore the style and design of classic artefacts such as these, dating back to medieval times, the renaissance, the Roman Era, or other long-gone eras that left a very indelible stamp on history. Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality replicas that money can buy, so that you can collect or re-enact with something that looks and feels genuine.

The Importance of Our Medieval Knives for Sale

What sets Esford Armour apart from other companies that sell replica medieval daggers for sale? Here are a few of the factors that make it so important to choose us. Our commitment to quality and historical accuracy: Perhaps you’ve always wanted a medieval history room in your house, adorned with classic-looking artefacts, history books, paintings and other pieces that hearken back to the middle ages. Alternatively, maybe you are participating in a medieval battle re-enactment. Either way, quality and historical accuracy matter. We ensure both, working as primary regional distributors for Deepeeka Exports. Deepeeka cares deeply about getting every aspect correct, from the patterns and colours of the design to the materials used in the construction of each piece. Our experience: We have been operating for more than two decades, always helping customers find the perfect piece to suit their requirements and even providing armour and weapons for movies including Spartacus and Gladiator. We will bring that same attentive customer service and assistance to you.  Our product range: Some other places might have medieval daggers for sale, but only have one or two different styles available. We have a vast product range with dozens of daggers and knives from which to choose. Pick out a noble Crusader dagger, or check out what we have to offer in the way of Viking knives for sale. 

When Buying Medieval Daggers for Sale, Consider This

As you shop for your preferred style of knife or dagger, consider these factors as well.

  • Your sword: A dagger is a solid sidearm, but no medieval knight was ever complete without his sword. We have more than 80 different sword styles to choose from, many of them perfect for your medieval theme.

  • Your costume: If you are headed for a re-enactment of an epic medieval battle, make sure to get your entire outfit correct. In addition to knives and swords, we also stock armour, helmets, clothing/under armour garments and more.

  • Your accessories: Sometimes, the tiniest details do the most to sell a re-enactment costume. Belts; belt buckles; coin purses; drinking horns; these are just a few of the accessories we can help you find at Esford Armoury, to complete your costume.

Why Trust Esford Armoury Regarding Medieval Knives for Sale?

Whether you are looking for a big, hulking sword, an authentic medieval knight’s helmet or a pair of Viking knives for sale, you have unquestionably come to the right place. Esford Armoury has been a go-to spot for re-enactors and collectors alike for many, many years. Give us a try and trust us when we say you won’t regret it. Get in touch directly if you have any questions.