Historical Accuracy is the Secret to the Best Viking Weapons in Australia

Tough men and brutal warriors who re-enact the Norse men of Scandinavia look to Esford Armour for their Viking weapons in Australia. During Medieval times, Vikings took to the sea for more than two centuries and attacked people on the coast of northern Europe. They held small raids against monks in churches as well as led major expeditions with thousands of fighters. When you re-enact your next battle, you can accessorise your costume with weapons from Esford Armour. 

When Buying Viking Weapons For Sale Consider This 

We thoroughly research our swords, axes, spears, and seax. You do not have to worry about the authenticity of our Viking weapons for sale. We will supply you with the appropriate defence for your Viking battle. - During an attack, the Vikings advanced towards the enemy on foot. As they drew closer, spears flew at the enemy in hopes of wiping out their opponents. The Vikings wore chain mail shirts. Helmets protected them from a counter-attack. They carried a shield for further protection. - Hand to hand combat began when the warriors were face to face. The weapon of choice for the majority of raiders was the lance or a single or double-edged axe.  - The wealthier Vikings would carry swords, which were more expensive to make and subsequently more prestigious. The Viking seax, a curved blade with a wooden handle and leather scabbard, was also used.

Your day of battle may begin with a huge turkey leg for nourishment. At day’s end, the axes and swords you acquire will sit to the side as you celebrate with beer or mead. Mead is fermented honey, and one of the oldest alcoholic drinks. After hours of sweat and tears, the Viking weapons we offer for sale will be worth their weight in gold because you are victorious.

Why is Esford Armoury Cost-Effective for Viking weapons in Australia? 

A successful Viking knows the tools necessary to fight. Our attention to detail assures you that your weapon will stand up in battle. Our respected reputation evolved from over twenty years in the industry. Our prices are competitive, and we back up our products if any issues develop. If your weapon has a problem, we refund or replace it.

We look forward to supplying you with weapons as fierce as your determination to wipe out your enemy. Visit our warehouse or contact us directly for a great range of spears, axes, swords, and seax. Your opponents will tremble when you appear with the best weapons and accessories we offer. Our professional and informed staff looks forward to sharing with you the secrets to the best Viking weapons in Australia.