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08/24/2017New Gloves
New Gloves

Hear ye! Hear ye! The kingdom's glove-maker has been declared missing presumed drunk. This has led to the supply of gloves being sorely low in the past few months. The knights have been complaining of frostbite during their brave adventures into foreign lands. Even the squires have found they a..

12/05/2017New Stock has Arrived
New Stock has Arrived

Hear Ye, Hear YeLord Colin has acquired several new items to bolster the armory.Knights, Lords and ladies are invited to browse these high-quality goods and consult Quartermaster Amanda regarding any additions you require.Brand new, never before seen in the kingdom. we bring you:Gladiator Shoulder G..

10/28/2019Using a Leather Frog to Create a Medieval-Style Utility Belt

Do you need a leather frog to aid in completing an outfit for your participation in a live-action role-playing game or a historical re-enactment? Maybe you just want to make an authentic costume for occasional use. Whatever the reason, finding leather frogs that offer durability, ease of use, and au..

10/28/2019Finding an Authentically Crafted Viking Horn for Sale

If you have been looking for a beautiful, authentically-crafted Viking horn for sale, look no further than our stock at Esford Armoury. Viking culture is a fascinating subject and is the basis for some of the largest and most active Dark Ages societies and re-enactment societies in the world. Whethe..

10/28/2019Shop Esford Armoury to Find German Swords for Sale and More

Are you looking for German swords for sale? Esford Armoury offers a wide variety of weapons and accessories for re-enactment or collecting, such as German helmets online and many other pieces. Our collection includes swords, daggers, knives, shields, spears, bayonets, clothing, and much more. We are..

10/28/2019Esford Armoury Offers Greek Swords for Sale

Esford Armoury is well known among collectors and reenactors for the extensive weaponry knowledge we use in curating our collection of ancient weapons and armour, including the Greek swords we have for sale. If you have an interest in authentic weapons and armour or are looking for a specific piece ..

10/28/2019Everything You Need for a Knights Templar Costume

From the helmet on your head to the sword in your hand, we have everything you need to create a genuine-looking Knights Templar costume. We are Australia’s leading distributor of authentically crafted historical items including a Knights Templar sword, dagger, robe and more. Our extensive range of..

10/28/2019Wearable Medieval Armour

Whether you require a full medieval armour or want to replace a protective item before your next event, we have an extensive range of products. Our online store and Brisbane showroom make it easy for you to source medieval armour in Australia as we are the leading distributor of authentically crafte..

10/28/2019Build Your Collection with Quality Medieval Knives for Sale

From collectors to re-enactment societies, anyone in the market for high-quality medieval knives for sale need look no further than Esford Armour. We adore the style and design of classic artefacts such as these, dating back to medieval times, the renaissance, the Roman Era, or other long-gone eras ..

10/28/2019Win Your Next Costume Contest with Our Medieval Helmets in Australia

Whether you’re planning a costume for the local renaissance fair or perfecting an outfit for your historical society’s re-enactment of a major medieval battle, you need a source for high-quality medieval armour and medieval helmets in Australia. At Esford Armoury, we would be proud to be that so..

10/28/2019Esford Armoury Offers Medieval Reenactment Supplies

Over the last two decades, Esford Armoury has built a stellar reputation for the quality and historical accuracy of our medieval reenactment supplies. We love exploring the history and how reenactors can bring different historical periods to life, which is just one of the reasons why we curate our c..

10/28/2019Esford Armoury Offers a Curated Collection of Medieval Swords for Sale

Esford Armoury is well-known among reenactors and collectors for the high-quality and period-authentic replicas that we offer, including medieval swords for sale. Swords were one of the earliest weapons used in combat, coming to prominence in the early Bronze Age. By the medieval period, their const..

10/28/2019Outfit Yourself Authentically with Medieval Weapons for Sale

Finding medieval weapons for sale isn't typically as easy as going for a quick drive and walking into a store — and for the re-enactor or historical enthusiast, that's frustrating. How can you find the pieces that you need to finish a costume or practice for a part if you can't even locate them? L..

10/28/2019Bring History to Life with Roman Swords for Sale from Esford Armoury

If you’re looking for Roman swords for sale, then perhaps you are planning to participate in a historical re-enactment. Dressing up in the garb and gear of a particular period, revelling in renaissance fairs, and hanging out with like-minded friends who enjoy such activities is becoming more and m..

10/28/2019Esford Armoury Offers Viking Axes for Sale

Esford Armoury is honoured to provide collectors and reenactors with period-authentic replica weapons and armour including offering Viking axes for sale. We love history and curate our collection for both quality and historical accuracy because each piece is a physical representation of the period t..

10/28/2019Historical Accuracy is the Secret to the Best Viking Weapons in Australia

Tough men and brutal warriors who re-enact the Norse men of Scandinavia look to Esford Armour for their Viking weapons in Australia. During Medieval times, Vikings took to the sea for more than two centuries and attacked people on the coast of northern Europe. They held small raids against monks in ..

10/28/2019The Best Medieval Outfits in Australia for a Knight or a Lady

If your goal is to travel back in time to the Middle Ages, you want to purchase medieval outfits for Australians from Esford Armoury. Your confidence will soar in your new attire because our costumes are well researched and historically accurate. During a jousting match, you can sit astride your hor..