Gladius of Mainz

Gladius of Mainz
Gladius of Mainz Gladius of Mainz Gladius of Mainz
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Overall length: 72cm
 Blade length: 53cm
 Weight: 974 gms
 Weight with scabbard: 1.89kg 
5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Harry Hall  (Posted on Friday 29 November, 2019)

Although obviously not suitable for combat, this is a rather inexpensive and pretty gladius for anyone looking to depict a roman solider. I will say that the scabbard is very fancy - something deserving of a officer with plenty of spare money, and not so much a common legionary. As such, when depicting a regular legionary, I face the non-metallic side inwards, showing the plainer leather side on the outside.

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